Brief Summary from the Director

K.J.A. International Liquor Pty Ltd was established in 2003.

Located in Melbourne K.J.A. International Liquor’s mission is to produce world standard quality liquor products with a distinct Australian taste and identity. K.J.A. has a core of professionals with 20 – 35 years’ experience in the liquor industry with highly qualified marketing and business expertise.

Core values for K.J.A. is professionalism, integrity of our brands, and developing long term relationships with our distributors and end customers – passion for our work and a commitment to succeed.

Through the use of quality products, innovative marketing and strong relationships K.J.A. is establishing global brands that will provide a drinking experience.

Regent Gold Lion Lager our Superior Premium Brew the “Australian premium brewing heritage” – A Traditional Australian Lager with a Superior Quality Taste.

The Crown Pacific Wine range consists of a Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. K.J.A. International Liquor Pty Ltd has specially blended our Crown Pacific Fine wine range for our discerning customers.

The Company challenge is to become a Major player in the Liquor Industry Nationally and Internationally, with a professional executive board to achieve K.J.A growth.

Yours sincerely,


Kevin J. Arthur
Company Director
K.J.A. International Liquor Pty Ltd