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Kevin Arthur the Founder (Director) of KJA International Liquor Pty Ltd has had the research undertaken in conjunction with the principals and indicated that, while there is quite some diversity in the alcoholic beverages market already, further opportunities exist to promote well-branded products, both within Australia and overseas. A number of such brands have been designed and developed. The products will be of a boutique nature, targeting the middle market and upwards, high quality but pitched at realistic prices.

KJA’s business will be diversified across a range of different alcoholic products (beer, wine and RTDs) so as to reduce its risk of exposure to rises and falls in individual market sectors, and achieve additional market penetration.

The financial goal is to grow the businesses to a value of A$50m. While the liquor business will start in the Australian market, export markets (Asia, Europe and the Americas) will be targeted to achieve the overall desired level of growth. The Company’s future is to sell KJA International Liquor Products through our own Regent Gold Lion Brew Bar Lounge Grill (Franchises).

The liquor industry is highly competitive. In analysing competitive strategy,  KJA will be competing directly against smaller, more specialised companies.

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Regent Gold Lion Brewery and Packaging Plant

Importantly, the businesses will have a vertical integration advantage, therefore being able to compete on the same basis as the big players (with control of the whole process) but will be actually competing against smaller players, many of whom do not have the vertical integration advantage. The company has also decided to acquire state of the art equipment imported from Italy, which will allow for the bottling/packaging at an economical cost of the various product lines that will be produced.

Contracts for the sourcing of products are under negotiation. Inputs to the bottling process will be purchased for the best price and at optimum quantities, balancing economic considerations with storage issues in the factory.

The marketing strategies include maintaining professional looking brands, differentiated from other mainstream brands; use of an extensive network of existing contacts to achieve initial market penetration; adoption of a quality/value-based marketing approach, not a discounting price-based approach; and development of a number of key strategic alliances to maximise the reach of products.

The financial projections for the businesses have been prepared using two alternative scenarios, and demonstrate profitability in the first year of operation, growing to a strong profit after the second year. Which could see the businesses more than double in size in year three and four.

The businesses will operate under the stewardship and Founder of KJA International Liquor Pty Ltd,f Mr Kevin Arthur, who has many years of experience in sales and marketing and business management in the liquor and other industries. Mr Arthur will be supported by suitably skilled personnel in managing the operations and administration of the businesses.

The proprietors are encouraged by the prospects for the three businesses, and anticipate the successful achievement of their Vision for the businesses within the medium term.

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Kevin J. Arthur
Founding Director

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Brief Summary from the Director

K.J.A. International Liquor Pty Ltd was established in 2003.

Located in Melbourne K.J.A. International Liquor’s mission is to produce world standard quality liquor products with a distinct Australian taste and identity. K.J.A. has a core of professionals with 20 – 35 years’ experience in the liquor industry with highly qualified marketing and business expertise.

Core values for K.J.A. is professionalism, integrity of our brands, and developing long term relationships with our distributors and end customers – passion for our work and a commitment to succeed.

Through the use of quality products, innovative marketing and strong relationships K.J.A. is establishing global brands that will provide a drinking experience.

Regent Gold Lion Lager our Superior Premium Brew the “Australian premium brewing heritage” – A Traditional Australian Lager with a Superior Quality Taste.

The Crown Pacific Wine Range consists of a Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. K.J.A. International Liquor Pty Ltd has specially blended our Crown Pacific Fine wine range for our discerning customers.

The Company challenge is to become a Major player in the Liquor Industry Nationally and Internationally, with a professional executive board to achieve K.J.A growth.

Yours sincerely,


Kevin J. Arthur
Company Director
K.J.A. International Liquor Pty Ltd

koala_classic_labelTo further help the environment, we actively support the Friends of the Koalas organisation. Part of the revenue from the sales of the Koala Classic Range are donated to Friends of the Koalas.

Friends of the Koalas inc. is a non profit organisation that works to ensure the survival of the koalas on Philip Island in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Habitat loss is the greatest threat facing koalas. There is an urgent need for habitat conservation and restoration, including  wildlife corridors to link isolated patches of habitat.


Consumed in moderation, alcohol can be a source of pleasure with a positive social impact.

Accordingly, KJA International Liquor encourages the public and its employees alike to drink responsibly, discouraging abuse and inappropriate consumption.

Mindful of the appropriate consumption of its products we do not condone drunkenness, particularly in young adults.